Purpose of Easter Seals

The Easter Seals nonprofit charitable organization is one of the most well known organizations headquartered in Washington D.C and Chicago. The organizations mission is to ensure that people with all kinds of disabilities and other special needs are provided with equal opportunities to live, paly, work and learn without difficulty.

The organization strives to run by the values such as commitment, integrity, respect, shared purpose, excellence customer focus and independence. The organization believed that charitable service is the central core of the mission and they are committed to serve the people for whom other sources of help do not exist. The services are provided with confidentially, ethically, and with complete commitment to integrity of the person. The organization helps its customers hold high moral standards and do what is ethical in every circumstance. There is a deep sense of respect in whatever the organization's volunteer do by valuing the uniqueness of every individual.

Easter Seals share a sense of purpose that resonates throughout the organization. They work in a unified manner in order to achieve this shared purpose. The organization believed that it takes confident, excellent and responsible people who can value the importance of excellence. The organization provides assistance to the people having various disabilities and special needs and their families in order to help them lead a quality life.

Easter Seals also offer various services which include medical rehabilitation services to the disables in order to help them gain mobility and hence greater independence and also to sharpen their skills. The rehabilitation program includes speech therapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, early intervention and many other therapies.

In order to earn their living and to be independent, it becomes necessary for the disabled adults to find employment. Most of the disabled or differently able people fail to secure jobs because of attitudinal and accessibility barriers. Easter Seals, in their employment and training program work closely with the individuals to identify their goals, objectives, skills, and needs and in turn train them to make them employable and help them secure jobs.

Easter Seals has been running adult and senior services for some time now and it provides home and community based services to adults and seniors with developmental disabilities, dementia, Alzheimer's and other age related disorders. The organization provides information and support to the families and caretakers of the affected seniors and adults.


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