Easter Seals

Easter Seals is a United States based nonprofit organization involved in charitable activities by assisting more than a million children as well as adults suffering from autism and other disabilities. Easter Seals has a large network of about 550 service sites spread across the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico and Australia, where they provide services, treatments and therapies to those with various disabilities and special needs. People suffering from various physical as well as mental disabilities and special needs caused at birth or caused due to disease, injury or aging are provided assistance by this organization.

Easter Seals has been involved in the philanthropical activities for more than 90 years and has been involved in various services which includes child development centers, job training as well as physical rehabilitation services for the disabled and many more in order to improve their standard of living and to help them overcome the challenges they face in their everyday life due to the disabilities and achieve their goals.

Easter Seals has been constantly undergoing development. It started working towards helping children and adults affected by polio, training them and helping them to live independently by administering various therapies and treatments. After observing a trend of predominantly increasing cases of autism, the organization has also been involved in assisting people affected by autism since the past twenty years. At present, Easter Seals is providing assistance to more than a million people who are suffering from autism, along with other special needs and disabilities that people suffer in United States and various other parts of the world.

They specialize in offering custom services to the patients which is individualized, innovative and is tailor made to suit the specific needs of the community. The various primary services offered by Easter Seals include medical rehabilitation, children's services, employment and training, camping and recreation and adult and senior services. The organization employs more than 23,000 employees along with thousands of volunteers who work towards a common goal of betterment of the disabled.


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